Tino Janikov – personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach

Tino Janikov – personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach

Born and raised in the family of physical education teachers and sport coaches my life was always bond with movement. Exploring new ways to move and learning new skills became through the years my passion, which led me from competitive swimming, through golf courses of Slovakia, courts of high school basketball in the USA, gymnastic gyms, all the way to skate parks and dance floors. I have never turn down the opportunity to compete, play, run, jump, ride, throw…

So when I was put in front of decision – what do I want to do with my life after graduating from high school, there is really no surprise that I’ve chosen to apply to “Physical education and sport” major at Faculty of physical education and sport of Charles University (FTVS UK). During my first year at the university I’ve become completely amazed with complexity of human body and obsessed with learning as much as I can about the ways to fix its flaws and enhance its limits.

Striving to apply my new theoretical knowledge I have got in 2013 accepted to the position of youth strength and conditioning coach at elite basketball club USK Prague. I was lucky to work on daily basis alongside experienced coaches, physiotherapists and medical professionals during my time in USK, which greatly influenced my philosophy and approach to training. My role in the club today is managing the physical preparation, compensation and regeneration of junior (under 19 years old) team and preparation and execution of reconditioning program for injured players of various age groups in cooperation with club physiotherapist.

Shortly after starting my graduate studies at FTVS UK I became involved in sport performance testing and research as an intern at Sport research center of FTVS UK. My job for a one and a half year was an execution of performance tests and anthropometric measurements and subsequent analyzes and interpretation of results. This experience helped me to gain deeper understanding of sport performance, injury prevention and sport research, so after graduating I decided to continue my study at the laboratory. I’ve got accepted to a post-gradual major of Kinanthropology and in my research I am focusing on problematics of explosive power training in elite athletes.

Helping people of all ages and backgrounds to discover their true power, to overcome their fears, to stretch their limits, to become pain free, to own a body of their dreams and to love movement as much as I do, is what motivates me since the beginning of my coaching journey and I love it!


2017 – Master degree, major: Physical education and sport, Faculty of physical education and sport, Charles University

2015 – Bachelor degree, major: Physical education and sport, Faculty of physical education and sport, Charles University


2017 – McGill 1: Building the ultimate back: From rehabilitation to performance (Stuart McGill, PhD.)

2017 – Running injury free (Dr Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES)

2017 – Naboso flow (Dr Emily Splichal, DPM, MS, CES)

2017 – Keeping athletes at peak performance (Robin Ladauge (FR), Czech Olympic Committee)

2017 – Introduction to Spiraldynamik – Walking (Bc. Štěpán Haškovec, TPT ZONE)

2017 – Fitness instructor (Charles University)

2017 – Strength and conditioning preparation in sport 2017 (Charles University)

2017 – Totalgym power tower (Vladimír Valouch)

2017 – CPR/AED certification (Life Support s.r.o., European Resuscitation Council)

2016 – FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level 2 (Functional Movement Systems)

2016 – FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level 1 (Functional Movement Systems)

2016 – Spiral stabilization 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D (SM System)

2016 – Olympic weightlifting trainer level 3 (Czech association of Olympic weightlifting)

2016 – Strength and conditioning preparation in sport 2016 (Charles University)

2016 – Instructor of free time activities with specialization – personal strength and conditioning coach (Charles University)

2015 – Nutrition and nutrition counseling (Charles University)

2015 – Nutritional counseling in practice (Charles University)

2015 – Masseur in the field of physical education, sport and reconditioning programs (Charles University)

2014 – Stimulation and development of movement abilities of young athletes – strength, coordination, speed (Charles University)

2014 – Compensatory exercises for kids and young athletes (Charles University)


“I never had a better preparation for the season before. Every training was carefully thought out and pleasantly challenging.”

Robert Králíček, basketball player, The Woodstock Academy Basketball, Connecticut, USA

“I had the opportunity to work with Tino regularly on a professional level for more than 2 years. Workouts are meaningful and elaborated into detail. The important thing is that for each exercise I was told what its goal is and what exactly to be aware of in terms of overload or risk of injury. I appreciate the cooperation very much and I strongly recommend it to everyone! The results will appear after hard and consistent work.”

David Chaloupka, basketball player, Northern New Mexico College Basketball, New Mexico, USA (former Basketball USK Prague player)