We offer non-commitment packages, as well as longer-term packages, and which are transferable to family and friends. We do not have membership fees, annual fees, gym use fees, towel fees, etc. When you pay for an hour of our time, you get access to the clean / private facility, use of equipment, diagnostics, the trainer’s full attention, as well as use of private showers, reception lounge with coffee and tea, before and after the session. Wi-Fi is also available.

AT – prices

Starter pack

  • 2 hours for 2000 Kč

PT 20 sessions

  • 21 600 Kč

 PT 10 sessions

  • 11 400 Kč

PT 5 sessions

  • 6 000 Kč

PT 3 sessions

  • 4000 Kč

PT 1 session

  • 1 400 Kč

Depending on the training modality, clients may be able to share their sessions with a friend or family member. Please consult your trainer about this possibility. Our smaller packages are aimed at consultation, or program design for clients who plan to train by themselves. They are also used as a tester when a new client is unsure about commitment. Our larger packages are aimed at longer term cooperation. After 12, or 24 hours, our clients can expect to see and feel a difference in the way they look, feel, and perform.

Private Group Training

These group sessions are more affordable for the client, yet retain a high level of quality and service.

1 hour of group training

  • 3 people
  • 500 Kč each

  • 4 People
  • 400 Kč each

The groups of 2 people are billed as a single personal training session.

Nutritional consultation

Nutritional consultation

  • 1 800 Kč

Vstup do fitka Hotelu LePalais

1 Day Entrance Spa

  • 200 Kč


1 Day Entrance Fitness

  • 200 Kč


1 Day Entrance Spa & Fitness

  • 400 Kč


1 Month *

  • 1 400 Kč


3 Months

  • 3 500 Kč


6 Months

  • 6 500 Kč


* 1 month unlimited use – Including underground parking, bathrobe, slippers, towel, locker, water

Entry to Advance Training studio is included in the Personal Training package, however entry to the Hotel requires a membership.