Nutrition is about feeding the body to facilitate its innate growth and repair. What is right or wrong for a unique individual at a given point of time is partially a question of genetics, but mainly of habit, lifestyle, current state of health, sport related requirement, etc. Having the experience to understand when a person is getting too much, or not enough of a key macro / micro-nutrients can be the key to real body transformation.

There are many miracle diet plans, and each one claims to be better than the next, but not one of them is going to teach you about how your body really works. We are not here to sell you product. We are here to teach you what your body needs, so you never fall for gimmicks, and are able to manage your own requirements. A trainer should think in terms of empowering their client with knowledge, rather than simply telling them what to do without explanation.

The whole AT team is interested in diet, and has collectively tried most of the approaches out there; with success. What you eat can be 70 percent of your results, and you cannot build body tissue out of junk. A calorie is not just a calorie which you simply burn off. Quality, Production Process, and Preparation can play a crucial role as well. General dietary advice is given to clients during workouts. For a deep dietary analysis, we have a biologist in our team prepared to consult with you one on one. She is able to examine an individual’s diet and discern optimal intervention; producing a meal plan which takes into consideration lifestyle, current nutritional habits, work, and training load.

One thing which we feel is missing on the market is the cross-reference between trainer and nutritional consultant. While there are plenty of nutritional consultants and gyms, how many of them sit down together and discuss the client’s individual needs? Surely the nutritional plan for a marathon runner, power lifter, or office worker / week-end warrior will be significantly different. We emphasize the client as an individual, and want to know what their energy requirements and health goals are before expressing any opinion on what they should be eating. To make a quick claim as to what the correct diet is, without considering the individual first, is simply irresponsible and ignorant.

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