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Marek Janda - personal trainer

Marek Janda – osobní trenér

+ 420 602 600 252

The healthier and stronger you are, the happier and easier your daily life is.

When I look around, it seems to me that half of the people workout as
professional bodybuilders and the other as retirees at the end of their life.
Simplicity is empowering, so my goal is to apply the most effective and
fundamentally important practices and principles of sports such as powerlifting,
gymnastics or fitness into a simple system designed for ordinary people who
want to have perfect results and cannot, or simply do not want to spend most of
their time working out and feeding their body, and prefer to take care of their
career, family, culture and other hobbies.

The training and nutrition issues are very complex. I graduated from the Health
Promotion Program at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, studying
professional literature and scientific articles to understand the deeper contexts
and to create programs for myself and my clients that best suit their preferences,
lifestyle, and what they enjoy in life.

Personal trainings are conducted systematically, and their contents are mainly
complex, natural movements, presses and pulls of various directions, lifting and
carrying heavy objects, and bodyweight gymnastic exercises. In most cases, we
do not focus on individual muscles, but on full body workouts. The main goal is
to increase strength, overall fitness, mobility, and compensate the effects of the
sedentary job while improving posture. The driving engine is the emphasis on
continuous progress and the achievement of mile-stone successes that motivate
and keep them on track. The side effect and bonus is a body that works as well
as it looks.

Education and certificates:

Faculty of Physical Education and Sports
Fitness trainer course
Nutritional counseling in practice


Personal trainer
Laboratory of Sports Motors – measurement and testing of professional athletes
Years of playing basketball