Lucie Frenštátská - Personal Trainer

Lucie Frenštátská – Personal Trainer

My name is Lucie Frenštátská and I am personal fitness trainer.

I have grown up in a sports orientated family, and I believe it to be a key component in nurturing one‘s physical and mental well being.

I have extensive experience with sport, including, but not limited to: aerobics, and more than 10 years with combat sports, judo and karate. Furthermore, I have been a judo coach for 7 years and I am holder of black belt. This comprises of leisure activities related to mobility versatility, including gymnastics, judo and spacial orientation.

Now I am mainly concentering in running, fitness, training BOSU and group circle trainings .

In addition to coaching I enjoy spending my free time to practice Chinese  medicine, localization of acupuncture points and apitherapy.

Fitness is a fascinating industry as people are involved for a number of reasons, including weight loss or muscle gain, and I like to promote a positive attitude for all those involved towards physical activities, that will become a part of their lifestyle.