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Jan Hladík - personal trainer, sports coach

Jan Hladík – personal trainer, sports coach

I just love to discover individual potentials and strive to be the guide on path to their full advancement. What we are going to do while working together is set out a blueprint for you to get the body that you want – capable, enjoyable, mobile, flexible and proudly presentable.

Graduating with a degree from political economy, turned lobbyist and strategic consultant before moving full time into what I term my “life’s passion” as a Sports Coach and Personal Trainer. Combined with my passion with sports and various arts of movement this all has served me well in empathising with clients and athletes from all backgrounds. With an approach that is firmly rooted in real world application, I ensure that each and every client has a practical programme and exercise philosophy that fits around their unique desires and lives. This is the only way I know to guarantee long-term success.

I believe the mind is primary. As psychological aspects support physical expression thus they are the keys to any fitness improvement. The biggest evolutionary steps arise in the mind, not in the muscles so my training stimulus must pose mental as well as physical challenges. Nothing is gained by doing one thing with your body and another with your mind.

The key to achieve your well-being and successful transformation is creating a lifestyle that is more than the sum of its parts. The positive effects of doing many little things right don’t just add up, they multiply – and the result is even greater. Better energy levels, better hormone function, better digestion, increased fat loss, better body composition, increased positivity. Less stress, fewer cravings, less doubt, more power to handle your life.

If your goal is to beat-down your competitors in a sport or job where explosive power matters (trust me, endurance events are included), where bursts of speed make the difference, and all-out efforts decide the outcome, building of the powerful engine is likely desirable. It fulfils me when I can help an athlete achieve a goal, or learn a lesson that will provide them with results that increases their spirit.

Any meaningful achievement takes time, hard work, persistence, patience, proper intent and constant self-awareness. The path to such success is art which I am a keen practitioner.

My journey

I spent majority of my life as a curious mover. Break dancing, playing basketball, striving to increase my speed as a sprinter, gotten beaten up in Krav Maga and Filipino Martial Arts, looking for the ways how to acquire those impressive gymnastic strength features, etc.

I became a student of it and fell in love with human kinesiology, performance and its capabilities. Whatever I physically accomplish on this journey is minor in comparison to what it taught me about myself and about humanity. After experiencing the fascinating team culture while playing basketball at the University of Sussex I decided I want to give that feeling to the others. I am successful with that as a Sports director of a regional basketball academy, coaching small kids, teams and adult athletes, helping others to perform at their best.

So here I am for you, willing to be more than your trainer but a coach which will take you to the places you have never thought are possible.


Body mindfulness

Strength and conditioning

Evolutionary approach to developing capability, strength, explosiveness, agility, speed, longevity, and above all, elite performance

Gymnastic strength and methods of mobility enhancement, dynamic neuromuscular stabilization

Sports Licenses

2013 Strength and Conditioning Specialist for Sports of the 2nd class – FTVS UK

2014 Basketball Coach, currently being certified of the 2nd class – Czech Basketball Federation

Fitness & Sport Related Certification

2014 Coordinative abilities and speed development- Czech Basketball Federation

2014 Foundations of jumping abilities and its development – Czech Basketball Federation

2014 Long-term athlete development – Czech Basketball Federation

2014 Leadership within elite teams – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Current trends within the World class youth basketball – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Methods of teaching: high pressure defence – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Structure of a training unit for youth players – BA Nymburk

2015 Anatomy, function and traumatology of a shoulder – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Anatomy, function and traumatology of a knee – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Advances of the training periodization – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Team communication – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Read and react: neuromuscular learning – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Aggression or motivation to perform? – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Core training and development – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Agility and quickness for basketball – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Functional training for ACL injury prevention – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Advances in Strength and Conditioning training – FTVS UK

2015 Coaching for high performance – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Speed of reaction and its development – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 How to build champions – Czech Olympic Committee

2015 Foundations of a winning culture – Czech Olympic Committee

2015 Psychology in sport – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 First aid and emergency – Czech Red Cross

2015 Practical nutrition in sport – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Development of power and speed-strength – Czech Basketball Federation

2015 Foundations and functions of human posture in sports – Czech Olympic Committee

2015 Scouting and athletic development for high-performance – Czech Olympic Committee

2015 Advance recovery strategies for high-performance – Czech Olympic Committee

2015 Stabilization of posture for shooting – BA Nymburk

2016 DNS Exercise Course I – Rehabilitation Prague School

2016 3D Coaching – Czech Basketball Federation

2016 Skill development for elite level players – Czech Basketball Federation

2016 Psychology of cooperation – Czech Olympic Committee

2016 Advance exercise physiology – Czech Olympic Committee

2016 Energy metabolism of sport games – Czech Olympic Committee

2016 Building elite teams – Czech Olympic Committee

2016 Taper for elite performance – Czech Olympic Committee

2016 Advances in coordinative abilities – Czech Olympic Committee

2016 Traumatology in team sports – Czech Olympic Committee

2017 Sport Performance and Injury Prevention – Czech Olympic Committee